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Unofficial sensitivity curves (ASD) for aLIGO, Kagra, Virgo, Voyager, Cosmic Explorer, and Einstein Telescope

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20 Jan 2020, 12:46
15 Sep 2018, 08:42
Unofficial sensitivity curves for various detector configurations used in ISWP 2016.

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Python reading code provided by Riccardo Sturani, and updated by Salvo Vitale... thanks!

Note: more up-to-date curves can be found in the "Related Documents" section, and in the CE DCC at

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Interferometer FSR now included in CE curves (credit Jan Harms).

v9: Added representative O2 data (G1701571, rebinned). Removed O2 projected curve. Rebinned S6 data. Updated python script to be compatible with Python 3, and tweaked the plot output.

v10: Added O2 cross-spectrum from Shivaraj's alog 34203

v11: Changed Voyager curve to BlueBird5

v12: Added early O3 curves for H1, L1, V1. Removed projected O3 curve.

v13: Replaced CE curves with CE1 and CE2 as used in arXiv:1903.04615 (Decadal science whitepaper).

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