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Open data from the third observing run of LIGO, Virgo, KAGRA and GEO

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08 Feb 2023, 06:05
The global network of gravitational-wave observatories now includes five detectors, namely LIGO Hanford, LIGO Livingston, Virgo, KAGRA, and GEO. These detectors collected data during their third observing run, O3, composed of three phases: O3a starting in April of 2019 and lasting six months, O3b starting in October of 2019 and lasting six months, and O3GK starting in April 2020 and lasting 2 weeks. In this paper we describe the data recorded by these instruments during O3 and various other science products that can be freely accessed through the Gravitational Wave Open Science Center at The main dataset consists in the gravitational-wave strain time-series that embed the astrophysical signals, and other supporting data useful for their analysis together with documentation, tutorials, and analysis software packages.
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