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A Joint Fermi-GBM and Swift-BAT Analysis of Gravitational-Wave Candidates from the Third Gravitational-wave Observing Run

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We present Fermi Gamma-ray Burst Monitor (Fermi-GBM) and Swift Burst Alert Telescope (Swift-BAT) searches for gamma-ray/X-ray counterparts to gravitational wave (GW) candidate events identified during the third observing run of the Advanced LIGO and Advanced Virgo detectors. Using Fermi-GBM on-board triggers and sub-threshold gamma-ray burst (GRB) candidates found in the Fermi-GBM ground analyses, the Targeted Search and the Untargeted Search, we investigate whether there are any coincident GRBs associated with the GWs. We also search the Swift-BAT rate data around the GW times to determine whether a GRB counterpart is present. No counterparts are found. Using both the Fermi-GBM Targeted Search and the Swift-BAT search, we calculate flux upper limits and present joint upper limits on the gamma-ray luminosity of each GW. Given these limits, we constrain theoretical models for the emission of gamma-rays from binary black hole mergers.
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C. Fletcher, J. Wood, R. Hamburg, P. Veres, C. M. Hui, E. Bissaldi, M. S. Briggs, E. Burns, W. H. Cleveland, M. M. Giles, A. Goldstein, B. A. Hristov, D. Kocevski, S. Lesage, B. Mailyan, C. Malacaria, S. Poolakkil, A. von Kienlin, and C. A. Wilson-Hodge (Fermi Gamma-Ray Burst Monitor Team)
M. Crnogorcevic, J. DeLaunay, A. Tohuvavohu, R. Caputo, S. B. Cenko, S. Laha, and T. Parsotan
LIGO Scientific Collaboration
Virgo Collaboration
KAGRA Collaboration
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