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Search for Gravitational Waves Associated with Fast Radio Bursts Detected by CHIME/FRB During the LIGO--Virgo Observing Run O3a

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22 Mar 2022, 13:51
We search for gravitational-wave (GW) transients associated with fast radio bursts (FRBs) detected by the Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment Fast Radio Burst Project (CHIME/FRB), during the first part of the third observing run of Advanced LIGO and Advanced Virgo (1 April 2019 15:00 UTC - 1 Oct 2019 15:00 UTC). Triggers from 22 FRBs were analyzed with a search that targets compact binary coalescences with at least one neutron star component. A targeted search for generic GW transients was conducted on 40 FRBs. We find no significant evidence for a GW association in either search. Given the large uncertainties in the distances of the FRBs inferred from the dispersion measures in our sample, however, this does not conclusively exclude any progenitor models that include emission of a GW of the types searched for from any of these FRB events. We report 90% confidence lower bounds on the distance to each FRB for a range of GW progenitor models. By combining the inferred maximum distance information for each FRB with the sensitivity of the GW searches, we set upper limits on the energy emitted through GWs for a range of emission scenarios. We find values of order $10^{51}$-$10^{57}$ erg for emission models with central GW frequencies in the range 70-3560 Hz, which are above predicted GW emissions for the models considered. We also find no significant coincident detection of GWs with the repeater, FRB20200120E, which is the closest known extragalactic FRB.
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