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Incorporation of Statistical Data Quality Information into the GstLAL Search Analysis

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We present updates to GstLAL, a matched filter gravitational-wave search pipeline, in Advanced
LIGO and Virgo’s third observing run. We discuss the incorporation of statistical data quality
information into GstLAL’s multi-dimensional likelihood ratio ranking statistic and additional im-
provements to search for gravitational wave candidates found in only one detector. Statistical data
quality information is provided by iDQ, a data quality pipeline that infers the presence of short-
duration transient noise in gravitational-wave data using the interferometer’s auxiliary state, which
has operated in near real-time since before LIGO’s first observing run in 2015. We look at the
performance and impact on noise rejection by the inclusion of iDQ information in GstLAL’s rank-
ing statistic, and discuss GstLAL results in the GWTC-2 catalog, focusing on two case studies;
GW190424A, a single-detector gravitational-wave event found by GstLAL and a period of time in
Livingston impacted by a thunderstorm.
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