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Data release for testing GR with GWTC-1 events

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28 Mar 2019, 07:52
11 Mar 2019, 13:22
As an accompaniment to Tests of general relativity with binary black hole signals from the LIGO-Virgo catalog GWTC-1, this page contains the associated data release detailing each GR test performed on the compact binary coalescence observations and presented in the above publication.

Each tarball below contains data products associated with a particular test, including documentation and example scripts/notebooks showing how to access and create plots of the release content.

* ResT.tgz: residuals test (Sec. V A of the paper)
* IMR.tgz: inspiral-merger-ringdown consistency test (Sec. V B of the paper)
* PGen.tgz: parameterized test of GW generation (Sec. VI of the paper)
* PProp.tgz: parameterized test of GW propagation (Sec. VII of the paper)
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Prior to 9 Oct 2019, the residuals and parameterized propagation data given on this page suffered from some small normalization issues. These issues also affected the distance posterior samples given for the parameterized test of GW generation, though not the results of the test itself. However, the 2PN GW150914 SEOBNRv4 result had an incorrect taper frequency. The parameterized propagation data also was affected by a small issue with the data binning. We recommend that any results using the previously released data affected by these issues be reanalyzed using the corrected data, which was posted to this page on 9 Oct 2019.

Additionally, prior to 28 Mar 2019, the samples released on this page for a fraction of post-Newtonian parameters, analyzed with SEOBNRv4, were not re-weighted with the correct priors as detailed in Sec.4 of the Appendix. We recommend that any results using the previously released samples be reanalyzed using the corrected samples, which were posted to this page on 28 Mar 2019.

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