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Anti-glitch: Transient or Permanent, a Bayesian View

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Recently, Archibald et al. (2013) reported observing a sudden spin-down or anti-glitch in the rotation of magnetar 1E 2259+586. Such events are rare; however this particular anti-glitch was followed by another event which Archibald et al. (2013) suggested could either be a conventional glitch or another anti-glitch. In this paper we apply Bayesian Model Selection to quantitatively determine which of these two latter events better explains the observed data. We show that two successive anti-glitch events is the favoured explanation (with a Bayes Factor of \( \sim 45 \)) when compared to model consisting of an anti-glitch followed by a glitch. Further, we show that the second anti-glitch has in associated frequency change, \( \Delta\nu \) of \( -8.15 \times 10^{-8} \) Hz. We discuss the implications of these results on possible physical mechanisms behind this anti-glitch.
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