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New Control and Data Acquisition System in the Advanced LIGO Project

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A new control and data acquisition system architecture is being implemented as part of the Advanced LIGO project. This system employs a number of multi-core-processor-based computers to perform real-time control, with connection to PCI Express Input/Output devices via fiber optic links. Requirements on the real-time control algorithms include servo loop rates of up to 65KHz and synchronous, deterministic operation to within a few microseconds. To attain this real-time performance, a patch has been developed to the Linux operating system which allows detachment of a processor core from the Linux scheduler for the exclusive use of an assigned real-time task. An overview of the real-time software design which takes advantage of this"core locking" and the/ particulars of the Linux patch/ are described in this paper.
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This paper is intended for submission for the Industrial Control And Large Experimental Physics Control System (ICALEPSC) conference in October, 2011 (See web page

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