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Creation of a quantum oscillator by classical control

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As a pure quantum state is being approached via linear feedback, and the occupation number approaches and eventually goes below unity, optimal control becomes crucial. We obtain theoretically the optimal feedback controller that minimizes the uncertainty for a general linear measurement process, and show that even in the absence of classical noise, a pure quantum state is not always achievable via feedback. For Markovian measurements, the deviation from minimum Heisenberg Uncertainty is found to be closely related to the extent to which the device beats the free-mass Standard Quantum Limit for force measurement. We then specialize to optical Markovian measurements, and demonstrate that a slight modification to the usual input-output scheme -- either injecting frequency independent squeezed vacuum or making a homodyne detection at a non-phase quadrature -- allows controlled states of kilogram-scale mirrors in future LIGO interferometers to reach occupation numbers significantly below unity.
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- Author(s): S.l. Danilishin; Helge Muller-ebhardt; Henning Rehbein; Kentaro Somiya; R Schnabel; K. Danzmann; Thomas R. Corbitt; Christopher Wipf; Nergis Mavalvala; Yanbei Chen
- Document date: 2008-08-11
- Document received date: 2008-08-12
- Document entry date: 2008-08-12
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