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Operational status of TAMA300 with the seismic attenuation system (SAS)

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TAMA300 has been upgraded to improve the sensitivity at low frequencies after the last observation run in 2004. To avoid the noise caused by seismic activities, we installed a new seismic isolation system—the TAMA seismic attenuation system (SAS). Four SAS towers for the test-mass mirrors were sequentially installed from 2005 to 2006. The recycled Fabry–Perot Michelson interferometer was successfully locked with the SAS. We confirmed the reduction of both length and angular fluctuations at frequencies higher than 1 Hz owing to the SAS.
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- Full document number: LIGO-P070150-00-Z
- Author(s): Ryu Takahashi; Koji Arai; Daisuke Tatsumi; Mitsuhiro Fukushima; Toshitaka Yamazaki; Masa-katsu Fujimoto; K Agatsuma; Y Arase; Norio Nakagawa; Akiteru Takamori; Kimio Tsubono; Riccardo DeSalvo; A. Bertolini; Szabolcs Marka; Virginio Sannibale; Tama
- Document date: 2007-12-13
- Document received date: 2008-01-03
- Document entry date: 2008-01-03
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Published in Class Quant Grav vol. 25 pg. 114036 (8pp).

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