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A study for reduction of radiation pressure noise in gravitational wave detectors

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We describe an experimental conceptual design for observation and reduction of radiation pressure noise. The radiation pressure noise is increased in a high finesse cavity with a small mass mirror. In our experiment a Fabry-Perot Michelson interferometer with a homodyne detection scheme will be built with Fabry-Perot cavities of finesse of 10000 containing suspended mirrors of 23 mg. To observe the radiation pressure noise, the goal sensitivity is set to 110-17 [m/ √Hz] at 1 kHz. Then the radiation pressure noise is reduced by adjusting the homodyne phase. To achieve the sensitivity, the other noise sources such as thermal noises, seismic noise and laser frequency noise should be suppressed below 110-18 [m/√ Hz] at 1kHz. The whole interferometer is suspended as a double pendulum on double-layer stacks. As a preliminary setup, a Fabry-Perot cavity of finesse of 800 with a suspended mirror of 100 mg was locked. The current best sensitivity is 110-15 [m/ √Hz] at 1 kHz.
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- Author(s): Shihori Sakata; Volker Leonhardt; Seiji Kawamura; Kenji Numata; Osamu Miyakawa; Shuichi Sato; Atsushi Nishizawa; Toshitaka Yamazaki; Mitsuhiro Fukushima; Akira Furusawa; Akio Sugamoto
- Document date: 2007-11-01
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