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Finding EMRI Signals in Simulated LISA Data

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The millihertz band of the gravitational wave (GW) spectrum is expected to be populated by a host of undetected GW source types, including extreme mass-ratio inspirals (EMRIs). EMRIs are a type of inspiraling binary system, where a stellar mass compact object orbits a supermassive black hole. In preparation for the upcoming Laser Interferometer Space Antenna (LISA) mission, this project seeks to use a Markov Chain Monte Carlo algorithm to develop reliable methods for identifying EMRI signals and characterizing their source parameters. The LISA Data Challenges have been created to address a series of open questions on how to characterize gravitational wave (GW) signals from LISA including the EMRI-specific challenge, Radler 1-2. Solving these challenges is essential to demonstrating effective analysis methods for the mission, set to launch in the mid-2030s. This search presents progress towards a working EMRI detection algorithm that can be integrated into the full LISA global fit.
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Student presenter August Muller.
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GWANW 2023 held from 26 Jun 2023 to 28 Jun 2023 in LIGO Hanford Observatory

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