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L1 Calibrated Sensitivity Spectra Jan 04 2020 (Representative best of O3b -- C01_CLEAN_SUB60HZ)

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These are calibrated strain and displacement spectra from a representative best of O3b, taken on Jan 04 2020, when the luminosity range for 1.4-1.4, 10-10, and 30-30 [M_sol] binary systems was 133.5, 648.8, and 1179 [Mpc], respectively.

These spectra are in the process of being reviewed and should be considered preliminary and are subject to change in future versions.

This data is from that regenerated offline to account for data dropouts and has been compensated for time-dependence in the detector response ("C01," DCS frames in LIGO jargon). The data has been processed to subtract the linear noise contributions from calibration lines and 60 Hz line. Further, the linear, non-stationary noise around the 60 Hz line has been subtracted using the NONSense method (P1900335). We expect the uncertainty in calibration at this time 5% and 3 deg [deg], valid between 10 and 2000 [Hz] (the uncertainty is larger and unquantified outside this band).

The code that produced this plot can be found via T1500365

Cleaning documentation can be found at xxxxxx and P1900335

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