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Taming Instrument Glitches and Detecting Burst Signals

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With a network of gravitational wave detectors it is possible to distinguish between instrumental
artifacts, or glitches, and un-modeled gravitational wave signals. The LIGO-Virgo Burst group has developed
several effective algorithms for detecting un-modeled, short duration burst signals such as might be generated
by core collapse supernovae or associated with gamma ray bursts. Here we present a new algorithm that uses
Bayesian model selection to decide if features in the data are better described as gravitational wave signals
or instrument glitches. As a by-product, even when no burst signals are detected, this procedure produces
cleaned data streams that are free of loud glitches. The cleaned data can also be used by standard template
based searches for modeled signals such as binary inspirals, but now with significantly reduced backgrounds,
making it possible to detect weaker signals.

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