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All-Sky High Frequency Burst Search on the first joint LIGO-Virgo science run (S5Y2? /VSR1)

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The joint observations with the LIGO-Virgo network of detectors during the second year of LIGO's fifth science run and the first Virgo science run provided an unprecedented opportunity for coherent searches of transient gravitational wave signals, as it allowed for a 3-site network configuration search. In particular, in the higher frequency band, i.e. above 2kHz, all the detectors shared similar sensitivities, so the coherent analysis is a powerful tool to achieve the full potentiality of a network of mis-aligned detectors. In this poster, we present a detailed look of the coherent search method for transient gravitational wave signals at frequencies from 1.3 up to 6 kHz during the joint LIGO-Virgo observation. This poster is complementary to the more general talk "All-Sky Burst Searches for Gravitational Waves at High Frequencies" submitted by Salemi on behalf of LSC-Virgo. We focus on the methodological issues for the analysis of the S5Y2/VSR1 period, highligthing the performances of the network with respect to false alarm and detection efficiency.
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