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Test for scalar-tensor theory from observations of gravitational wave bursts with a network of interferometric detectors

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Testing relativistic gravity theory from gravitational wave observations is important for fundamental physics and cosmology. The constraint of the gravity theory might give a key to the solution of the mysteries of dark matter and dark energy. One of plausible gravity theories is scalar-tensor theory. Significant difference from the general relativity is the existence of a scalar field which is connected with the gravity field with a coupling parameter, and a resulting scalar gravitational wave. In this talk, focusing on Brans-Dicke model as a scalar-tensor theory, we present how to extract a scalar gravitational wave signal using a network of world wide interferometric detectors. We perform simulations to extract a scalar gravitational wave which has a comparable coupling parameter to the current upper limit by Cassini assuming supernova occur in our Galaxy. In the simulation, we use simulated noise with enhanced-LIGO-VIRGO-GEO design sensitivity. We discuss new data analysis issue which has to be solved for the detection of the scalar gravitational wave and also discuss the capability of advanced LIGO, LCGT.
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