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Design Choices for the Core Optics of Advanced Detectors

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This presentation will give an overview of the core
optics design of advanced gravitational wave detectors,
with special focus on Advanced Virgo. The actual con-
figuration and optical parameters of the core interfero-
meter is not only very likely to determine the final
performance of the advanced detectors, but also plays
a signifacnt role in minimising the required commis-
sioning time. We will describe how the experience from
1st generation detectors influenced the design choice
of the advanced detectors. Finally it will be discussed
what lessons can be learned from 1st and 2nd generation
instruments for the upcoming design of 3rd generation
gravitational wave observatories
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Advanced Virgo
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GWADW held on 10 May 2009 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL

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