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Fast Shutter High Current Pulser Main Circuit Board

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D - Drawings
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24 Feb 2015, 15:13
A circuit to supply high current pulses to the OMC Fast Shutter. This system protects the OMC photodiodes in the event of an IFO loss of lock optical transient.
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Version 6 shows two components added to control the unexpected in-vacuum undamped motion. The series 20 ohm resistor (Radd1) provides the damping. The UF4001 diode to ground (Dadd1) clamps the reverse polarity transient from terminating the applied drive early.

Some unchanged files were copied over from the last revision. The circuit board is unchanged at this time, but if a revision is made to the circuit board, it would be good to incorporate the new v6 damping and clamping parts into the PCB

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