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Reserve a number[edit]

The first step is to reserve a number using the Reserve Number tab. Once selected you have 2 choices: -

  • Reserve a new document number
  • Use a document number from the old DCC (Select this option to update a document to the new DCC which is already in the old DCC. All of the older revisions will be transferred over during migration.)

The required fields are: -

  • DCC number - only if you are using an old DCC number
  • Title
  • Document Type - There are several document classifications in the DCC system
  • Submitter
  • Author
  • Groups We have established seven Groups in the DCC framework to facilitate and manage access to documents. (You can select viewing group and modifying group.)
  • Topics

click here to reserve a number

Revision Scheme[edit]

  • When you reserve a number you get an X0 with your number indicating an empty "file card". * Click here for an example of an empty file card
  • When you load your first document into this "file card" this automatically changes to a V1.
  • The first time you load your document it should have V1 on it. Subsequent documents will have V2, V3 etc ...

Document Prep[edit]

Certain documents / packages require prep prior to upload.

  • In general no document prep is required for the following document types
  • L, M, T, E and G
  • The following require document prep
  • D, S, C and P
  • Click on the relevant section for more information.

Upload a document[edit]

Checklist for uploading a document

  • Does your document have a DCC number along with a revision on the front page? (Front page is required as a minimum but it is preferred to have both the number and revision on all pages.)
  • Do you know the group access level for your document? Group Definitions
  • Have you included a pdf along with your source files?
  • Do you need to lock your document? Click here to find out more information on Locking your PDF document.

Uploading a document

  • From the file card obtained after you reserved a number select "Upload Document"
  • If you don't have the file card up use search to find your reserved file card - refer to section below
  • You can upload documents from your local computer or by supplying a URL. Using the full URL including "http://" or "https://" at the beginning and a filename at the end (you may not end the URL with "/"). Currently "https://" (secure upload) does not work, but we hope this will change in the near future.
  • The pdf version should be the one and only "main" file, except in cases where a pdf file is not sensible (e.g. a MicroSoft Word form)
  • The source file(s) for the document (which is (are) used to create the pdf file), as well as any associated or supporting files (e.g. Matlab script files, MS Excel spreadsheets, etc.) should be uploaded as "other" files

Loaded Document (Populated File Card)

Search Options[edit]

There are several options for searching. Searching can be used to find reserved file card or to find a document

  • Search from home allows you to easily search for your reserved DCC number either by text or number Home Search
  • Selecting the search tab allows you to search under a number of fields Search Tab

Adding supporting files to an existing revision[edit]

  • You can add supporting documents when you first upload a document to its file card using "Upload Document"
  • You can also add them later by selecting "Add Files (this Rev)"

URL Distribution[edit]

When you upload a document, a unique URL will be created. The DCC offers two variances for the URL.

  • Dynamic filecard - This option always displays the file card of a document's latest revision as well as a listing of all previous versions. The URL can be found on the left side column of the file card under "document #."
  • Static Document - This option takes you to a particular revision of a document. This would be used to archive a picture-in-time for certain situations, ie. bids, vendors, etc. This URL can be found by rolling over the actual document listing.

---The following option is in the process of being updated!---

  • Particular filecard revision - At present this option requires you to add to the dynamic url e.g. version=1 to the end of the url to take you to V1.


Public versus Private[edit]

To make the document viewable to the public you must change its metadata to public pending. DCC Control will then make the document public. At this point there is now 2 file cards for the document e.g. 1) LIGO-E0900048-v6 (Private) 2) LIGO-E0900048-v5 (Public). You now have the following options for sharing a url of this doucment: -

Latest revision (file card)

Specific revision (file card)

Specific document

The following url is what should be used by Engineers in the BOM / SOW / RFQ etc ...



  • Select one or more of the elements in the Topics lists which describe the document. Several in a given category might be appropriate. Use (windows) control-click to select (or de-select) multiple entries. Look at the tab 'recent changes' to get an intuition for how Topics are used.
  • If associated with an Event (e.g., LV meeting), select as appropriate. (can de-select with control-click)
  • It's easy at any point to go back in and change the metadata associated with a document. Select "Change Metadata" tab from the specific document file card. Confirm the changes with the button at the bottom. No new version number is generated.

New Revision or Replace[edit]

When uploading a new version of a document that already resides in the "new" DCC, select "Create LIGO-XXXXXXXX-vQ" where XXXXXXX is your document number and Q is the next version number.

  • In almost all cases, documents should be uploaded as a new version. Don't forget to update the version number on the document front page and header/footer.
  • An option exists to 'Replace Files (this Rev)'. This can be used to correct a document which e.g., does not have the right (or any!) DCC number on the page, or a minor typing error; make sure you use the _exact_ same file name as before, and select the option 'Replace Duplicate Files'. Do Not Use this option for significant reworks -- create a new version instead.
  • No approved (signed) document should be replaced. However, if the document residing in the DCC was uploaded for review or signature but was refused, and returned with changes or corrections, the document now reflecting these changes should be a replacement of the document rather than a new revision. In this case select "Replace Files (this Rev)". Replacing a document in this situation prevents an inaccurate or incomplete document from being accessible.
  • If a file is uploaded which should not have been (e.g., copyrighted material, personal information), one can use the 'Replace Files (this Rev)' option, uploading a file with the _exact_ same file name, but with no real content (e.g., 'this page intentionally left blank'). No explicit 'Delete' function is currently in place.

Related documents[edit]

It is possible to link documents to one another

  • related documents numbers are added to an uploaded document’s metadata
  • it is possible to choose a relation to a specific revision (D030243-v1) or to always point to the latest revision (D030243)
  • related documents are listed in the order you add them
  • Example D030243

* Select "Update DB Info" then "Related Documents". Multiple document numbers can be separated by spaces or commas.

Signature - Request Review[edit]

  • An author uploading a document that comes under configuration control (ie. Drawings, specifications, etc.) or requires a signature needs to designate the document for signature and give a reason for the release. The system will e-mail the selected reviewers automatically informing them that the documents are ready for review.

* Select "Update DB Info" then "Signoffs / Signoff chooser" for signature and "Notes and Changes" for reason for release

  • In order to receive notification of your document status (e.g. to see if a reviewer has signed it) you have to sign up to watch the document.

* Select "Watch Document" in the bottom left hand corner of the document file card.

Meeting Presentation Posting [edit]

Getting More Help[edit]

You can often get more help when using the DCC by clicking on the terms highlighted in red on the page. A small window will pop up to explain what is going on. If you don't find your answer in either the pop-up or in this Wiki e-mail your additional questions or problems via the DCC Help Page

Advanced Features[edit]

[Advanced Features]